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Tango::Database Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void add_device (DbDevInfo &)
void add_server (string &, DbDevInfos &)
void build_connection ()
virtual void cancel_all_polling_asynch_request ()
virtual void cancel_asynch_request (long)
void Cb_Cmd_Request (CORBA::Request_ptr, Tango::CallBack *)
void Cb_ReadAttr_Request (CORBA::Request_ptr, Tango::CallBack *)
void Cb_WriteAttr_Request (CORBA::Request_ptr req, Tango::CallBack *cb_ptr)
AccessControlType check_access_control (string &)
void check_tango_host (const char *)
void clear_access_except_errors ()
virtual DeviceData command_inout (const char *co)
virtual DeviceData command_inout (string &, DeviceData &)
virtual DeviceData command_inout (string &)
virtual CORBA::Any_var command_inout (string &, CORBA::Any &)
virtual DeviceData command_inout (const char *co, DeviceData &d)
virtual CORBA::Any_var command_inout (const char *co, CORBA::Any &d)
virtual long command_inout_asynch (const char *, DeviceData &argin, bool forget=false)
virtual long command_inout_asynch (string &, DeviceData &argin, bool forget=false)
virtual long command_inout_asynch (const char *, bool forget=false)
virtual long command_inout_asynch (string &, bool forget=false)
virtual void command_inout_asynch (const char *, DeviceData &argin, CallBack &cb)
virtual void command_inout_asynch (const char *, CallBack &cb)
virtual void command_inout_asynch (string &, CallBack &cb)
virtual void command_inout_asynch (string &, DeviceData &argin, CallBack &cb)
virtual DeviceData command_inout_reply (long)
virtual DeviceData command_inout_reply (long, long)
void connect (string &name)
 Database (string &host, int port, CORBA::ORB *orb=NULL)
 Database (CORBA::ORB *orb=NULL)
 Database (string &file)
void dec_asynch_counter (asyn_req_type ty)
void delete_all_device_attribute_property (string, DbData &)
void delete_attribute_alias (string &)
void delete_class_attribute_property (string, DbData &)
void delete_class_property (string, DbData &)
void delete_device (string)
void delete_device_alias (string &)
void delete_device_attribute_property (string, DbData &)
void delete_device_property (string, DbData &)
void delete_property (string, DbData &)
void delete_server (string &)
void delete_server_info (string &)
void export_device (DbDevExportInfo &)
void export_event (DevVarStringArray *)
void export_server (DbDevExportInfos &)
CORBA::Any * fill_server_cache (string &, string &)
AccessControlType get_access_control ()
DevErrorList & get_access_except_errors ()
AccessControlType get_access_right ()
void get_alias (string, string &)
virtual void get_asynch_replies ()
virtual void get_asynch_replies (long)
void get_attribute_alias (string, string &)
DbDatum get_attribute_alias_list (string &)
DbDatum get_class_attribute_list (string &, string &)
void get_class_attribute_property (string, DbData &, DbServerCache *dsc)
void get_class_attribute_property (string st, DbData &db)
vector< DbHistoryget_class_attribute_property_history (string &, string &, string &)
string get_class_for_device (string &)
DbDatum get_class_inheritance_for_device (string &)
DbDatum get_class_list (string &)
void get_class_property (string st, DbData &db)
void get_class_property (string, DbData &, DbServerCache *dsc)
vector< DbHistoryget_class_property_history (string &, string &)
DbDatum get_class_property_list (string &)
string & get_db_host ()
string & get_db_port ()
int get_db_port_num ()
Device_var & get_dbase ()
string & get_dev_host ()
string & get_dev_port ()
Tango::Device_var & get_device ()
void get_device_alias (string, string &)
DbDatum get_device_alias_list (string &)
void get_device_attribute_property (string, DbData &, DbServerCache *dsc)
void get_device_attribute_property (string st, DbData &db)
vector< DbHistoryget_device_attribute_property_history (string &, string &, string &)
DbDatum get_device_class_list (string &)
DbDatum get_device_domain (string &)
DbDatum get_device_exported (string &)
DbDatum get_device_exported_for_class (string &)
DbDatum get_device_family (string &)
DbDatum get_device_member (string &)
DbDatum get_device_name (string &, string &, DbServerCache *dsc)
DbDatum get_device_name (string &, string &)
void get_device_property (string st, DbData &db)
void get_device_property (string, DbData &, DbServerCache *dsc)
vector< DbHistoryget_device_property_history (string &, string &)
DbDatum get_device_property_list (string &, string &)
void get_device_property_list (string &, const string &, vector< string > &, DbServerCache *dsc=NULL)
const string & get_file_name ()
bool get_from_env_var ()
DbDatum get_host_list ()
DbDatum get_host_list (string &)
DbDatum get_host_server_list (string &)
int get_idl_version ()
string get_info ()
DbDatum get_instance_name_list (string &)
vector< string > & get_multi_host ()
vector< string > & get_multi_port ()
DbDatum get_object_list (string &)
DbDatum get_object_property_list (string &, string &)
void get_property (string st, DbData &db)
void get_property (string, DbData &, DbServerCache *dsc)
void get_property_forced (string, DbData &, DbServerCache *dsc=NULL)
vector< DbHistoryget_property_history (string &, string &)
DbDatum get_server_class_list (string &)
DbServerInfo get_server_info (string &)
DbDatum get_server_list ()
DbDatum get_server_list (string &)
DbDatum get_server_name_list ()
DbDatum get_services (string &, string &)
virtual Tango::DevSource get_source ()
virtual int get_timeout_millis ()
virtual bool get_transparency_reconnection ()
DbDevImportInfo import_device (string &)
CORBA::Any * import_event (string &)
bool is_command_allowed (string &, string &)
bool is_control_access_checked ()
bool is_dbase_used ()
bool is_multi_tango_host ()
void post_reconnection ()
void put_attribute_alias (string &, string &)
void put_class_attribute_property (string, DbData &)
void put_class_property (string, DbData &)
void put_device_alias (string &, string &)
void put_device_attribute_property (string, DbData &)
void put_device_property (string, DbData &)
void put_property (string, DbData &)
void put_server_info (DbServerInfo &)
virtual void reconnect (bool)
void register_service (string &, string &, string &)
void reread_filedatabase ()
void set_access_checked (bool val)
void set_access_control (AccessControlType acc)
virtual void set_source (Tango::DevSource sou)
void set_tango_utils (Tango::Util *ptr)
virtual void set_timeout_millis (int timeout)
virtual void set_transparency_reconnection (bool val)
void unexport_device (string)
void unexport_event (string &)
void unexport_server (string &)
void unregister_service (string &, string &)
void write_event_channel_ior_filedatabase (string &, string &)
void write_filedatabase ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void get_fqdn (string &)

Protected Member Functions

void add_asyn_cb_request (CORBA::Request_ptr, CallBack *, Connection *, TgRequest::ReqType)
long add_asyn_request (CORBA::Request_ptr, TgRequest::ReqType)
void check_and_reconnect (Tango::DevSource &, Tango::AccessControlType &)
void check_and_reconnect ()
void check_and_reconnect (Tango::DevSource &)
void check_and_reconnect (Tango::AccessControlType &)
int get_env_var (const char *, string &)
int get_env_var_from_file (string &, const char *, string &)
long get_pasyn_cb_ctr ()
DeviceData redo_synch_cmd (TgRequest &)
void remove_asyn_cb_request (Connection *, CORBA::Request_ptr)
void remove_asyn_request (long)
void set_connection_state (int)

Protected Attributes

AccessControlType access
bool check_acc
int connection_state
string db_host
string db_port
int db_port_num
bool dbase_used
Tango::Device_var device
Tango::Device_2_var device_2
bool from_env_var
string host
string ior
long pasyn_cb_ctr
long pasyn_ctr
string port
int port_num
Tango::DevSource source
int timeout
int version

Private Member Functions

virtual string build_corba_name ()
void check_access ()
void check_access_and_get ()
string dev_name ()
virtual string get_corba_name (bool)
virtual int get_lock_ctr ()
void get_server_release ()
vector< DbHistorymake_history_array (bool, CORBA::Any_var &)
DbDatum make_string_array (string, CORBA::Any_var &)
virtual void set_lock_ctr (int)

Private Attributes

bool access_checked
DevErrorList access_except_errors
bool access_service_defined
string db_device_name
bool db_multi_svc
map< string, string > dev_class_cache
string file_name
vector< string > multi_db_host
vector< string > multi_db_port
int serv_version

Detailed Description

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